Thursday, June 7, 2007

R12 MultiNode Installation with VMWare

Have only one node , don't worry still you can have enjoy R12 MultiNode Installation with VMWare.

I will share my experience here with all on how to setup R12 in a single node first and then add another Middle Tier.

Setup Requirement : Node with atleast 1 GB of Ram and 80GB of HardDisk , OS Dump , R12 Dump and VMWare Software

Download a Copy of VMWare WorkStation from for Linux
You will need an evaluation key , make sure you have the key before you start the Installation.

I downloaded an Image of Redhat Linux RHEL4-U4-i386-ES

Linux Node Setup Information:
1. Install OS Image on to the Box
2. Name the host , say and assign a static IP
3. Make sure you have all the latest RPM's in place. For more info refer R12 OS Pre-requisite Notes.
4. Open a VNC Server as Root
5. Download the VMWare RPM Package "VMware-workstation-5.5.3-34685.i386.rpm"
6. Install the RPM Package
7. Configure VMWare using ""
8. Start VMware Workstation ( /usr/bin/vmware )
9. Enter your serial number.
10. Create a virtual machine using the New Virtual Machine Wizard.
( ref : )
11. Install a guest operating system in the new virtual machine.
You need the installation media CD-ROM for your guest operating system
12. Name the New Virtual Host as and assign a static IP
13. Make sure that you can communicate between first and the second node.
14. Power Off the Node and Start Fresh , make sure you have no OS Issues.
15. Keep the VNC Session Active. ( If you loose it , your will not have the new node )

R12 Setup Information:
1. Download Dump of R12 from
2. Stage them on the Hard Disk( I did not include the space requirement of the Dump above)
3. Run a Single Node Installation
4. Make sure that the Installation Completed Normal and all the Service are Up and Running.
5. Perform a Complete Health Check.

Adding a Node to the Existing Setup:
1. Power on the Second Node
2. Mount the R12 Mount Points on the Second Node.
3. cd /home1/aptest/test/apps/apps_st/comn/clone/bin/
4. perl addnode contextfile=TEST_r12lab01.xml
Target hostname (virtual or normal) [r12lab02]:
5. Make sure that the above process generate the Secondary Node's Context File
6. Make the Service Enabled that you want to run on the Second Node.
Initially have web service configured and later modify according to your need.
7. Move into AD_TOP/bin and run , context_file=TEST_r12lab01.xml
8. Make sure that Autoconfig Complete's Normal.
9. Source the Environment File
10. Start the Service on the Seconday Node
11. Navigate to OAM and verify that you have the Second Node.

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