Thursday, June 7, 2007

Parallel Concurrent Processing on R12

Pre-Requisite : Make sure there are atleast two nodes for PCP Setup.

Autoconfig on all the middle tier must be run prior to the PCP Setup , resolve all autoconfig issues that are encountered.

Make sure tnsnames.ora file has both the FNDSM and FNDFS for all the concurrent manager nodes.

Restart the application listener on all the concurrent manager nodes.

Verify whether the Internal Monitors for the Concurrent Manager nodes are defined properly with the correct primary and secondary nodes.

Make sure the Executable and Workshifts are properly defined.

Activate the Internal Monitors for all the Concurrent Manager Nodes from the Administer Screen of the Concurrent Manager.

Query for Internal% in the Administration Screen and you should see the Internal Monitors for all the Concurrent Manager Nodes with Actual and Target as 1.

Make sure APPLCSF and APPLTMP are setup properly

Set Up Load Balancing on Concurrent Processing Nodes

* Edit the applications context file through Oracle Applications Manager interface and set the value of Concurrent Manager TWO_TASK (s_cp_twotask) to load balancing alias (_balance>)

* Execute AutoConfig by using $INST_TOP/admin/scripts/ on all concurrent nodes.

Testing the PCP Setup :
Define a Custom Manager and point the primary node as the new node added ( node2 ) and allocate 3 process. From the Administer Concurrent Manager screen activate the manager and you should be seeing 3 FNDLIBR spawning on the Node2.
Now in the Specialization Rule tab Include "Active User" Program and Exclude it from the Standard Manager.

Submit an Active User and verify if it Completes Normal.

Must Read:
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