Thursday, August 9, 2012

ORACLE and SAP will be my tools

In future I will be blogging about Oracle and SAP technologies in this same blog. Well I have been working on Oracle Technologies for over 10 years now and at my current project my customer will be migrating from Oracle to SAP. I am going to support Oracle to SAP migration and as well as implementation of SAP Business Objects and SAP HANA DB and also some Oracle BI environment.

It is now quite sometime and I am used to SAP technologies. 

I would say SAP BO is a killer but Oracle OBIEE has a lot more than it. I am not comparing both of them because according to market each have its own value.

SAP HANA DB is a starter whereas Oracle Database is the only King in the Market. With all its features it would take many years to catch up with Oracle. Hana is not a true RDB , for example it does not have foreign key relationship yet on its latest version but in future they will. Hana want applications to take care of most of the work. Interesting...

Catch up later and do watch for more from this blog. Thanks for reading all these years.

Where are my Virtual Machines

My customer runs all their operational servers at a data center. Recently at the DC we did a server consolidation and migrated most of the non production physical servers into virtual machines. The good thing we got lot of computing power and all the add-on from virtualization. 

Well Virtualization is a good topic and there are a lot to be discussed but I am going to write about what happened in the last week. 

Suddenly all the Virtual Machines were not accessible and my Production Database's ASM Disk were not found. A total blackout and the reason is an outage from a storage device. The data center had a massive HP EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array) in which my customers data resides. The technical reason was both the EVA Controllers failed and unfortunately the EVA Cluster configuration did not work.

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