Monday, July 16, 2012

Deep dive with PacktPub's ODI 11g Book

Do you want to take a deep dive with Oracle Data Integrator , then the answer is here from a PacktPub book

I have been working with Oracle Warehouse Builder component for a long time and have done an enterprise deployment for my client. It is a wonderful tool but Oracle has a new direction for its future data warehousing tool and that is ODI 11g. If you are in OWB 11g implementation project then this book would help you to quick start and take a deep dive into the functionality of the tool.

Oracle on its statement of direction for ODI  they have suggested "Invest now to develop in ODI",  which I feel it is worth investing on ODI for the future and it is the time to start.

This book is written by experienced authors and they have explained in detail. So what does this book covers ?

- Oracle Data Integrator architecture in detail
- Quick Install of ODI 
- Various data integration processing designing and scenario
- Ways to develop interfaces in order to exchange data
- Steps to maintain and administer ODI environment
- Handling different data sources and targets
- Best practice from expert authors.

Overall the book has a lot of audience from administrators , developers , architects to business analyst. I recommend reading through this book will give a clear understanding of Oracle Data Integrator.

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