Thursday, June 27, 2013

C is for Cloud

Oracle 12c Database is now available and the Iron Man is back with features for cloud and more.

So here are some interesting features

Pluggable Databases , a step in to cloud where no vendor can dream about it.
Optimizer features , I hope we will not have wrong executions plans.
Performance features, concurrent union branch execution, advanced resource manager, multiple indexes on the same column and more
High Availability  features, Global Data Services for workload balancing, Transaction Guard and more
Partitioning features , wow indexes for partial set of partitions, reference partitioning now truncates dependent partitions and more.
Backup and Recovery features , single table restore , rman data copy over network with compression , executing sql statements within rman
IPv6 support
Parallel Upgrade resulting in reduced upgrade downtime.
Move datafiles online without the need to place in offline more
Advanced Materialized View features.

The most interesting feature is Pluggable Database where you can plug a database from its container database running on a single node server to a multi-node rac or to a exadata engineered system.
Let us hope Larry has some answers for In-Memory Database in the upcoming releases.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joining ORACLE

Well I am joining ORACLE again after 6 years of service at Wipro Technologies. At Wipro I have been supporting Continental-Germany all the six years in supporting their end to end Business Intelligent Team.
At Oracle I am joining the Implementation Service Team at The Cloud Computing Group.

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