Thursday, June 7, 2007

Configuring Web Cache 10g and R12

Requirement :
1.Atleast Two Node R12 Setup , with WebService running on both the Nodes
2.Seperate Node for WebCache

Software Requirement :
1. R12 Dump for Linux
2. Oracle Application Server Web Cache Standalone 10g v10. for Linux

Installation Phase I:
1. Setup R12 Two Node Instance (r12lab01,r12lab02)
2. Run Autoconfig on both the nodes and make sure that there are no errors.
3. Start the Service and Perform Health Check

Installatioin Phase II:
1. Install Linux on the WebCache Node
2. Name the Node as r12web
3. Create User apwebcache , group dba
4. Install WebCache 10g on the WebCache Node
5. Verify the Installation
$ORACLE_HOME/webcache/bin/webcachectl status
6. Stop WebCache
$ORACLE_HOME/webcache/bin/webcachectl stop
7. Download and Apply Patch 4569559
8. Start WebCache
$ORACLE_HOME/webcache/bin/webcachectl start

1. Access WebCache Admin , Username/Password : ias_admin/
2. By default, Oracle Application Server Web Cache listens for client requests on port 7777
3. Configure Web Cache Site definitions for E-Business Suite (Section 6.1.3 of Note.380486.1)
4. Configure E-Business Suite as an Origin Server (Section 6.1.4 of Note.380486.1)
5. Configure Network Timeouts (Section 6.1.5 of Note.380486.1)
6. Add Rules for Caching E-Business Suite Content (Section 6.2 of Note.380486.1)
7. Configure Oracle Application Server Web Cache as the Entry Point (Section 6.3 of Note.380486.1)
Set s_webentryhost as r12web
Set s_webentrydomain as
Set s_active_webport as 7777
Set s_webentryurlprotocol as http
Set s_login_page as
8. Perform Addition Requirement as per Note.380486.1 if required to your setup
9. Run Autoconfig on E-Business Suite 12 Application Middle Tier
10. Restart the Services

Access your R12 with the URL and experience the WebCache Functionality.

More Docs:

* Oracle Application Server Web Cache Administrators Guide 10g Release 2 (
* Oracle Application Server Web Cache FAQ
* Troubleshooting Oracle Application Server Web Cache

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