Friday, July 8, 2011

Fusion Middleware 11g Upgrade

I am recently working on a Fusion Middleware 11g Upgrade Project and in the up coming posts I will share my experience on the same.

Here I will highlight some of the tasks

Current System
- Oracle Application Server 10.1.2
- Discoverer
- Portal
- Oracle Internet Directory

Proposed System
- Weblogic 11g
- Discoverer
- Portal
- Oracle Internet Directory
- Oracle Access Manager ( later moved to Oracle Access Manager because of BUGs)

Moving higher version means more complex the environment as Fusion Middleware 11g has a complete new architecture.

I did the upgrade on the development system and the upgrade process was long. There were a lot of bugs and it took a lot of time to resolve them with Oracle Support. But overall the upgrade is a success. The documented procedures and work around would help me to do the upgrade on Test and Production in a short time frame.

Here are the list of tasks
Part 1. Converting the existing 10g Infrastructure Database to AL32UTF8 Character Set
Part 2. Portal Schema Validation Pre-Requisite Check
Part 3. Discoverer 11g Schema creation with RCU
Part 4. Setting up JDK
Part 5. WebLogic Setup for Portal and Discoverer Middletire
Part 6. Installing Portal and Discoverer Middletire
Part 7. Running Middletire Configuration Assistance
Part 8. Middletire Upgrade Assistance
Part 9. Middletire Schema Upgrade Assistance
Part 10. Middletire PatchSet Installation
Part 11. IDM Setup

List of Issues
FMW 11g Discoverer Plus Error Loading Applet
FMW 11g Post Install using the Verify Option in Upgrade Assistance gives failure message for Discoverer
FMW 11g Portal and Discoverer Post Upgrade verification failed with ORA-7445
FMW 11g Discoverer Upgade Failed while updating ptm5_instance
FMW 11g Discoverer Version Check

Further steps to be updated

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