Tuesday, September 6, 2011

FMW 11g IDM Setup Part 11

FMW 11g Upgrade Master Index

After completing the middle ware upgrade I am starting with the Identity Management Upgrade to 11g

Oracle Internet Directory was in version and this version is certified and recommended by Oracle Support to start with the upgrade. Oracle Support and Development has tested upgrading from this version of 10g to 11g. It is also recommended to move from any earlier version of OID 10g to the supported starting point version.

The first step towards the IDM Upgrade is to configure WebLogic. I have already documented the installation of WebLogic here which was part of the Middleware Upgrade.

Download the latest available IDM Installation Setup and Patchset
Here when I did the install IDM was the latest and so I had to download the Setup and Patchset

Below are the steps for the installation
1. Install WebLogic
2. Install IDM
3. Apply Patchset IDM

Screenshot from IDM Install

Next I will document about the Config Assistance and Upgrade Assistance

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