Friday, August 12, 2011

FMW 11g Upgrade : MiddleTire Schema Upgrade Assistance - Part 9

FMW 11g Upgrade Master Index

Before I begin explaining the schema upgrade will update some of the pre-steps that will make the upgrade easier.

0. In Part 6. Installing Portal and Discoverer Middletire I have explained that I could not apply the patchset since there were issues. Instead I applied and after the upgrade is over I applied the patchset.

1. Make a Database Backup or create a Restore Point. Oracle support always asks to restore the database if there are some issues with the portal upgrade. So keeping a restore point would be the easiest way to handle it.

2. Restart the Database so that there are no Portal Sessions running.

3. After the restart make sure that there are no active portal sessions.

4. If there are it should be the Portal Application. Follow the below note and stop the Portal Server
Upgrading from Portal 10g to 11g WWU-00011 There are concurrent sessions running [ID 1202638.1]

5. In some cases the upgrade assistance will fail to migrate the Discoverer Portlet information from the old PTM5_CACHE to the new 11g Discoverer Schema. The reason in my case was the length of the CCH_URL column. It will be by default VARCHAR2 (3000 Bytes) and you can modify it to VARCHAR2(4000 Bytes)

Invoke the UA Upgrade Assistance from the Oracle Home of the Portal and Discoverer Instance
Select the second option Upgrade Metadata Repository Schema and make sure that Discoverer and Portal is selected.

Then provide the information for Oracle Internet Directory Server connections details.
Then provide the database connection details where the metadata repository resides.

Select the new 11g Discoverer Schema

The examine process will verify if Portal and Discoverer are fine to upgraded.

Proceed next and you should see that all the components will be upgrade.

Note : For any failures I recommend to contact Oracle Support. If they ask to redo the upgrade you can flashback the database to the Pre-Upgrade restore point and then continue doing the same.

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