Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FMW 11g Upgrade : MiddleTire PatchSet Part 10

FMW 11g Upgrade Master Index

After the successful installation of FMW MiddleTire Portal and Discoverer , here are the steps to get them on the latest patchset level

Pre Steps
- Make a backup of the Oracle Home
- Make a backup of the Database or a Snapshot of the Database before the upgrade

Step 1: Installing the Middletire Software
Step 2: Upgrading the Schema

Installing the Middletire Software

Download the Portal and Discoverer Patchset and start the installer. The runInstaller has only the option to upgrade the Oracle Home.

Upgrading the Schema

Schema Upgrade is not done from the UI and instead there is a Patch Set Assistance Script to do it.
The PSA Script is going to only update the PORTAL Schema and there are no upgrade required for the Discoverer Schema.

./psa -dbConnectString //fmwserver:1521/INFDB -dbaUserName sys -schemaUserName portal
Watch the logfile of PSA and you should be able to see if there are any errors.
Recompile the Invalids
Complete all the post upgrade steps as per the patch readme.


oracle@testas[]$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
oracle@testas[]$ ./psa -dbConnectString //fmwserver:1521/INFDB -dbaUserName sys -schemaUserName portal
Oracle Fusion Middleware Patch Set Assistant

Enter the database administrator password for "sys":
Enter the schema password for schema user "portal":
Log file is located at: /oraapp/tst/ora/as/app/products/middleware/as_portal_discoverer/upgrade/logs/psa2011-07-14-06-48-09AM.log
Updating the Oracle Fusion Middleware Metadata Schema to release
Updating schema for component Oracle Portal.
The command completed successfully

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