Saturday, July 27, 2013

Installing 12c PDB CDB into ASM Disk

Read me before you start 

In this post I will share how to install PDB and CDB into ASM Disk.

In the above I am creating a Container Database and one Pluggable Database.

Now above instead of regular file system , I am choosing ASM

Above I have selected the CDB_DATA disk group. In this case PDB001 also goes into the CDB_DATA disk group. I will create a high performance disk group and move all the PDB into it later as a separate task. Once the PDB_DATA is provisioned future PDB will be created into it.

If you look at the time on the server it is 2am , so a bad night in getting my 12c up and running on ASM Disk Groups.

Next I am going to add the high performance disk groups and move PDB001 into it.

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