Saturday, July 27, 2013

Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in 12c

Read me before you start 

One of the best feature that I found with 12c for ASM is "Flex ASM".  It is more flexible that it allows database instance to use remote ASM instance running on a different node. It can be configured to behave like a hybrid using local as well as remote. I will be covering a topic on the same in the future. But to start with I wanted to setup a 12c ASM Instance.

To start with I have setup a Oracle Linux version 5 and installed oracleasm libraries

Then I have configured oracleasm

Added some storage and created diskgroups

Now with the storage ready it is now time to fire the grid installation software.
I have also added several 1gb disk and some for archivelogs.

Created a Data Group and added the disks.

Finally Installed Grid 12c with ASM Disk Group

Verified from SQLPlus

In the upcoming blog we will see about CRSCTL , ASMCA , DBCA and one additional series where I will look into managing 12c completely with SQL Developer (no ssh , no telnet , no grid control )

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