Thursday, March 14, 2013

BIG DATA is getting Bigger and Bigger

BIG DATA is getting Bigger and Bigger
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BIG Data is getting Bigger and Bigger with Oracle , SAP , IBM , EMC , HP , Software AG and with more other players.

With the cost of storage & CPU going down and with the big vendors pitching in with reliable solutions it is now time for companies to look for crunching all those data's which are large and complex.

So how Oracle is helping Companies to eat the Big Mac ? 
Oracle Big Data Appliance with clusters of servers. 
Cloudera distribution including Apache Hadoop to acquire and organize data.
Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition to acquire data.
Additional supporting system software like Oracle Linux , Oracle JVM VM and R distribution.

So what is that had to do with Administrator like me ?
No more terabytes , I have to think big like petabyte , exabyte , zettabyte , yottabyte and more
Hadoop , future of the big data
No more SQL , I have to know NoSQL (Not only SQL)
Big data connectors to RDBMS integrating with Oracle Database and Exadata
For analyze and visualizing with Oracle Exalytics.
Cloud computing and Big Data

So what are the likely responsibilities for Big Data Administrators ?
Managing fast growing big data clusters , NoSQL database and linux systems.
Meeting operational performance and availability 
Setup monitoring and health check of the clusters and all its associated components.
Define and enforce operational procedures , processes and best practices.
Provide leadership and take ownership in collaboration with teams/vendors/3rd parties to resolving issues.
Effectively influence , partner and deliver results in a team environment.

With all the above said I will dedicate some time to snack the Big Mac.

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