Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Repository Creation Utility - OBIEE 11g

RCU is the short name and is basically used to create the database schema for Fusion Middleware 11g.

The first screen welcomes you !!!

This screen provides an option to create or drop the FMW schema. Here I have selected Create option so that I can create the schema for OBIEE.

This screen helps to specify the database and its details where the repository will be created. It also provides an option to install the repository on a RAC database.

Next the RCU validates the database. Here I got a warning message that the database is not AL32UTF8 character set. I have opted to ignore but it is recommended to create the database with the AL32UTF8 character set.

The below screen lists a successful pre-check.

Next I have given a Prefix and also selected "Business Intelligence Platform" , automatically the dependencies are selected.

Prerequisites relevant to BI are checked and verified in the below screen.

Here we have to input the password for the schemas , I have opted a common password.

Review screen for the tablespaces.

The below screen show that the tablespaces are created and validated.

With all the inputs provided summary page is displayed. After verifying it by clicking the create button the necessary schema will be created in the target database.

Information of the successful creation of repository for OBIEE.

Looks good , RCU was simple and good to me.
The next tasks would be to Install OBIEE.

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