Monday, October 26, 2009

11gR2 SELinux prevents running on OEL5 Update4

On Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Update 4 , SELinux Security Policy does not allow to run after the Grid Oracle Home Installation.

Fixing the SELinux policy by running the recommendation and by rerunning did not succeed.
There are other policy restrictions to sqlplus by SELinux also , so it better to Disable the SELinux or set it to 'Permissive' mode which gives a warning message in the SELinux control panel.

Metalink Document 457458.1 How to Disable SELinux can help to understand how to handle SELinux.

In my case
I cleaned up the 11g R2 setup with Oracle DeInstall utility
Set SELinux to 'Permissive' ( Server reboot is not required )
Restarted the Oracle runInstaller.

Hope this helps

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