Saturday, December 7, 2013

Apply Phase - R12.2 Online Patching Cycle

Apply Phase
This phase applies the specified patches to the PATCH Edition.
While patches are being applied to the patch edition, the run edition of the application remains fully operational.
Ongoing changes from the run edition are either automatically inherited by the patch edition, or they are transformed and propagated to the patch edition by forward cross-edition triggers.
It can be either interactive or non-interactive mode.
You can apply as many patches as you want per patching cycle.

Apply Phase - Internal
This phase will call adpatch utility where you can enter the information about the patch you are applying.
You can repeat the above for each patch you want to apply, or alternatively use an input file to merge and apply multiple patches.
The Patch Edition can be remain at this phase until you are ready to switchover and change the role of this edition to become the new Run edition.

Patching NLS Systems
These patching procedures apply regardless of whether you are running American English (US) and one additional language, or American English (US) and several additional languages. If your system uses multiple languages, you can use AD Merge Patch to create merged patches in whichever of the following ways suits you best:
A single, merged patch that contains all languages (including US English).
One merged patch for US English and a second merged patch for all other languages.
A separate merged patch for each language.
Before the introduction of online patching, the choice of which strategy to follow largely depended on the downtime that was acceptable: for example, the first option was straightforward but required the greatest downtime, and the third was the most complex but allowed users of a particular language to resume their work as soon as the relevant patch was applied. The second option often provided the best compromise between easy application and minimum downtime. Now, however, use of online patching means that downtime is greatly reduced as a factor when determining the strategy that most closely suits the organization's needs

Apply Phase  - Scenario

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