Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SAP BO and DS with Oracle Database Part 4 Installing DS on SUSE Linux

SAP BO and DS with Oracle Database Part 4 Installing DS on SUSE Linux

Now that we are doing with installing BO , I wanted to create the DS environment so that we have a complete setup before we go into the rest of the experiments.

I downloaded "SBOP DATA SERVICES 4.0 WITH SP03 LINUX (64B)" and used the generic trial licenses for implementation.

After downloading unzip the files in Windows and then ftp into the linux server.

Set environment variables relevant for the installation
$ export LANG=en_US.utf8
$ export LC_ALL=en_US.utf8
$ export ORACLE_HOME=..../client/

Now create a directory to store the installation files.

$ mkdir -p /oraapp/bo/bo4
$ sh setup.sh InstallDir=/oraapp/bo/bo4

Now Choose the Installation language

Make sure that you select the BO installation folder. Initially I created another directory /bo/ds4 and installed  the complete package and nothing happened. So the recommendation is to install DS into BO folder.

 Check the prerequisite , which is fine

accept the trial license

input the trial license key , this will expire in 30 days

Choose option to install data services with cms server , so that it can be controlled via the cms console.

Update the administrative password

select the product which has to be installed , you can custom install after expanding and selecting components which is required.

if there is already running data services configuration than that can be reused here but I have skipped it because of the new install

I am selecting the option to use the existing installed database. remember I created the user in the BO installation procedure.

select Oracle , pay attention if you have Oracle RAC (soon we will see HANA here )

give the details of the oracle environment

create the repository

now configure a new job server to process your jobs , this can be done later with the client tool.

I choose to configure the job server and now I gave new name and a port for the job server to listen

Configure access server here

ports and other inputs has to mentioned

start the installation

it starts

it started

it runs

it finished soon ( no i did not know how long it took , I started the installation in the evening and the next day I saw it got finished )

Now we have BO and DS running. Lets play a bit more with the other options.

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