Sunday, March 6, 2011

Potential Single Point of Failure after Horizontal Scaling OBIEE11g

Now that we saw Vertical Scaling and Horizontal Scaling

Before scaling the Potential Single Point of Failure was as below;

After scaling the Potential Single Point of Failure is as below;

The BI Server , BI Presentation Server and BI JavaHost are properly scaled and so they disappeared.
Scaling out is not complete unless until all the components are properly configured.

The BI Cluster Controller and BI Scheduler has to be configured for failover and failback. To do so we have to set the Primary and Secondary instance for these two components.

In the Fusion Middleware Control click Lock and Edit Configuration.
Under the Capacity Manager Tab select Availability. At the end you will see an option to configure the primary and secondary instances for BI Scheduler and BI Cluster Controller.

In the above picture you can see that for BI Scheduler the primary is Instance 1(Server1) and secondary is Instance 2(Server2) but for BI Cluster Controller the primary is Instance 2(Server2) and secondary is Instance 1(Server1). This is flexible and you can configure based on your need.

After the restart you can see that the Potential Single Points of Failure has a Green Flag which means all of the components are properly configured for failures.

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