Thursday, January 14, 2010

RMAN Slow Performance and Resource Manager

RMAN is running slow; Well there could be several reasons behind it , the load on the system , bandwidth , cpu , tape library's performance and many other aspects. One such area to be looked into is Resource Manager.

Resource Manager is a key tool when it comes to complex environment where resources should be managed properly.

SYS and SYSTEM users are sometimes missed when planning for Resource Manager, especially SYS user.

Some Tips while creating the Resource Manager Plan
Create a separate group called SYS_GROUP and map the SYS and SYSTEM users to it.
When creating a plan make sure that you have the SYS_GROUP in Level 1 and 100%.
Do not allocate resources to any other group in Level 1
Make sure that you have UNLIMITED to all the Directives
  • Maximum Degree of Parallelism
  • Maximum Number of Active Sessions Activation Queue Timeout (sec)
  • Maximum Undo Space (KB)
  • Maximum Estimated Execution Time (sec)
  • Max Idle Time (sec)
  • Max Idle Time if Blocking Another Session (sec) 

With the above setup in Resource Manager , RMAN will get 100% of the Resource since it runs as SYS_GROUP

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