Monday, December 21, 2009

APEX 4.0 EA Released

Something to do now during my holidays is to explore APEX 4.0.

I am using APEX extensively and recommend it to my customers when ever required.
I am currently running few production application in APEX , some are form & reporting based and others are basically plain dashboards.
One critical application is an intelligence application where it required few features which were missing in APEX 3 , some are better & complex graphs and better printing.

To achieve better charting , I have recommended AnyChart which has the advanced features and complex charting. One of the common feature that was looked for was saving the chart to some suitable format so that it could be directly used in Microsoft Office application.
To achieve better printing , I had to use BI Publisher as the printing engine.

To get all this in APEX we had to spend some money even APEX is free of cost.
In my case AnyChart and BI Publisher are two areas were licensing was involved.

My first look into APEX 4.0 was these two areas and I found it quite satisfactory

Try this one release by Oracle in Amazon Cloud

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