Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BI Publisher Template Builder - Alternative Text

I am developing a complex graph solution with bipublisher.
I have a combined graph created with the bipublisher wizard and copied the code from the alternative text of the graph item.
Later I copied the graph code and modified it to suit my need , basically have added some more series.
Then I tried to copy the code back into the alternative text of the graph component and it stops my work as the content of the alternative text is restricted. I had a requirement of around 25 graphs which is quite not feasable with XSL-FO

This way of editing the graph is working and is supported as per documentation.
The problem is when the graph becomes bigger then there is a probem with the alternative text which has the limitation of 255 characters.

I needed a solution to move this graph. XSLFO translation works but it is mandatory for me to have it in the RTF template format as XSL-FO will introduce too much of efforts.

Later a detailed investigation with Oracle BI Publisher support was made and the final outcome was "Not Possible" because Word is used as the template builder and Oracle BI Publishers uses the Alternate Text area to store its information. Only if Microsoft can increase the size it can help BI Publisher in that case else Oracle has to look for some other reliable editor , may be open office can help them but it needs some improvement.

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