Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oracle Application Server : Renaming Hostname

On one of the implementation we had the Infrastructure and the Customer Database Installed on the same host. The Infrastructure Database was created with MRCA and the Customer Database is a Warehouse System.

The existing architecture looks as below;

The proposed architecture was to migrate into DMZ architecture and it looks like below;

The proposed plan was to move the Infrastructure Database into a new node and place it in the DMZ.

After reading the Changing Network Configurations of application server , we came to know that the IP address can be change but not the hostname. Oracle support does not have a script to update the hostnames as there are plenty of records where the hostname was recorded.

Finally we ended up moving the Warehouse System into a different node. Warehouse implementation has an option to change the hostname. But the work involved in migrating the Warehouse Database was huge as we did not have other options.

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