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Oracle Application Server : Infrastructure

Oracle Application Server : Infrastructure

Infrastructure Installation is not mandatory for the J2EE and Web Cache Installation type of the Oracle Application Server Product.
Infrastructure is mandatory for the other options available on the Oracle Application Server Product. Before Installing Portal or Business Intelligence , the Infrastructure Installation must be completed.

What are the components on the Infrastructure Installation ?
Infrastructure has two major components the first one is the Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository and the other is the Oracle Identity Management.

What is Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository ?
Metadata Repository is a pre-defined schema on a database that help in supporting application server products. The product which requires the Metadata Repository are Identity Management , Portal , Wireless , Reports , Forms and Business Intelligence.

Ways to build Metadata Repository
Metadata Repository can be build in two ways. One that comes with the Infrastructure Installation. This option creates a database and installs the repository on top of it. The other method is to install the repository on an existing database using the OracleAS Metadata Repository Creation Assistance. This option helps to build the metadata repository on a High Availability System.

Other useful related document for Metadata Repository with Repository Creation Assistance.
Troublesooting OracleAS Metadata Repository Creation Assistant
Deregistering and Removing OracleAS Metadata Repository

What is Oracle Identity Management ?
Oracle Identity Management allows enterprises to manage end-to-end life cycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. It is a member of Fusion Middle Ware Family.

The following are the Components which are available on the Oracle Identity Management option.
Oracle Internet Directory
Oracle Application Server Single-SignOn
Oracle Application Server Delegated Administration
Oracle Application Server Directory Integration
Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority
High Availability and Replication

Oracle Application Server Infrastructure Detailed

There are three option available on the Installation and the below screen shot explains the options

First option is Identity Management and Metadata Repository. This option enables to install both the components on a single server. The first step installs Database , installs the metadata repository to top of the database and then installs the Identity Management Server.

The below screen shot explains the components

Second option is Identity Management alone. This option enables to configure and install Oracle Internet Directory and Certificate Associates. Before starting with the Installation , Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository must be installed prior. This option is widely used to install Identity Management on a separate Resource.

The below screen shot explains the components

Third option is Metadata Repository alone. This option installs a database and then installs the metadata repository. There are no additional components with this installation type. This options is used to install metadata repository on a separate resource.

The below screen shot explains the component

Infrastructure Ports on 10g Release 2 (10.1.2)

Next I will be targeting on the
Portal,Wireless,BI,Forms and Reports Topology

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