Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Create Databases from Automatic Daily Backups - New Feature - Jan 2019 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

New Feature - Create Databases from Automatic Daily Backups
Services : Block Volume
Release Month : Jan 2019

Automatic Daily Backup feature lets you to create automated backups of OCI DB System Databases on a daily basis. With this feature you can now create a new system out of the automated daily backups.

Here is a DB System in OCI that is created and you can see there is a Automated Backup Running

Once the backup is completed you will see that it is ready for the refresh

From the backup section select Create Backup and fill in the required details

Once you start the database creation process you will see the restore process beginning immediately.

The DB System will have your database in provisioning stage

Once restore is done you will be having your new Database up and running.

This is indeed a cool feature. I bet your DBA will love to see this , he can now start looking into other useful stuffs.

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