Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Creating a New Single-Node Oracle E-Business Suite Installation on Oracle Cloud

Before you read : Please note the documentation and procedures for Lifting and Shifting On-Premise to Oracle Cloud is constantly evolving. Instruction here are high level and recommend to review the latest documentation.

Link : Provisioning a New Single-Node Oracle E-Business Suite Installation in the Oracle Compute Cloud Service

This procedure could be the quickest way of getting an e-business suite 12.2.5 instance in IaaS public cloud.

To the compute account pull either a EBS 12.2.5 Demo Install Vision Image or a Fresh Install Image using Get App method.

Here is the Demo Install EBS 12.2.5 Image

Here is the Fresh Install EBS 12.2.5 Image

Click the Get App and this action would copy the Image to the Compute Storage.

Now with the Image available in the Compute Storage we will be good to start with a new provisioning.

From the Compute Account , Click Create Instance

Search for the Fresh Install Image and Select it

Select the shape of the machine

Give a name to the Instance

Review the storage , at this point if you wish to add more space you can do it or it can be done later once the instance is provisioned.

Finally review and click the Create button

From there the backend operation will take care and the instance will get provisioned. Once the instance is provisioned view the instance from the compute page and log into the instance with the assigned IP and Key.  Validate the environment.

What happens at the back end 
  • fresh image has pre-cloned environment staged and ready
  • first database is prepared using config clone option
  • then the application is prepared using config clone
  • run and patch files system are setup
With this process a base 12.2.5 environment is available to you. From here you can customize to your need. 

Hope this helps ! Thanks for reading.

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