Monday, May 30, 2016

Oracle AppsUnlimited - Migrate from On-Premise to Oracle Cloud ( Lift and Shift )

Before you read : Please note the documentation and procedures for Lifting and Shifting On-Premise to Oracle Cloud is constantly evolving. Instruction here are high level and recommend to review the latest documentation.

Link : Migrating an Existing Oracle E-Business Suite Installation to the Oracle Compute Cloud Service

Migrate from On-Premise to Oracle Cloud ( Lift and Shift )

On-Premise Environment 12.1.3 or 12.2 can be moved to cloud , please review the "What Do You Need ?" section to understand the detailed requirement.

Here are the high level steps

  • Identify the EBS environment for lift and shift. Make sure that it meets the requirement for migration.
  • Create the compute infrastructure. Log into the compute service console and create the storage, virtual machines with the computing power required. Format the storage volumes and mount then to the requirement
  • Download the cloning utility Patch 22336899
  • Open the ports between the Source and the Target hosts
  • Update the cln.props which is available inside the patch , ensure that properties MODE and BACKUP_TYPE are commented out as they are used for EBS with DBaaS provisioning.
  • Run the EBS Cloud Clone Utility perl ./
  • Run post configuration steps as necessary.

What happens in the backend ?
  • Pre-Clone is run on the DB and MT
  • Necessary files are copied , tarred and compressed
  • Files are moved from On-Premise to Cloud 
  • Config clone is run on the Target Cloud IaaS VMs
Hope this helps.

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