Tuesday, October 20, 2015

EBS 12.2.7 AD & TXK Delta 7 Features Review

With 12.2.7 AD & TXK Delta 7 - EBS Customers on 12.2 should be seeing improvements and stability. It is time now to review them. Watch this blog for the detailed review.

Some of the key features of Delta 7 are
  • Enhanced adop Console Messages
  • New adop Monitoring Tool
  • New adop 'validate' Option
  • Support for Middle Tier EBS Technology Checker
  • Support for EBS Installation Central Inventory
  • Script to Automate Changing Oracle WebLogic Server Administration User Password
  • Simplified Procedure for Changing WLS Data Source
  • New 'dualfs' Option in Standard Cloning
  • Improved Delete Node and Delete Managed Server APIs
  • Mandatory Definitions of Context Variables
  • Automatic Execution of ETCC on Database Tier After Cloning
  • Various adop Enhancements and Fixes

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