Monday, April 27, 2015

EBS R12.2 Delta 6 Feature Review : Single File System Instance

With one of the main feature in 12.2 dual file system, there was always a need about having a single file system in 12.2 like 12.1.x and get away with the ADOP patching cycle. With Delta 6 AD and TXK you can. It is important to understand the feature and know its limitations.

There are two advantages of this single file system feature in 12.2

  • no more synchronization of run and patch file system
  • save storage
Still it operates with same ADOP engine and it is NOT CERTIFIED for PRODUCTION.
This feature will be interesting for development team where they need an EBS 12.2 instance where they can test their custom code.

Here is how to setup 
  • Install R12.2 Instance with dual file system or Clone an existing environment with dual file system. No option available in the Rapid Installer to select single file system instance.
  • Remove the PATCH_BASE using operating system remove command rm -rf $PATCH_BASE
  • Apply the patch using in ADOP downtime mode and run cleanup phase as required
So what is not possible ?
  • You cannot clone the single file system to build another environment.
  • You cannot enable the dual file system back and start a patching cycle
Note : please refer to the recent product documentation to know the latest changes.

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