Monday, February 4, 2019

Consistent device paths for block volumes - New Feature - Jan 2019 - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

New Feature : Consistent device paths for block volumes
Services : Block Volume
Release Date : Jan 2019

With this feature you can now select a device path that will remain consistent between instance reboots. though this is an optional feature it is recommended to use the device path as you can refer to the volumes when create partitions , creating file systems , mounting file system , you can also specify this option in /etc/fstab file for automatically mounting volumes on the instance boot.

Operating System Linux Images that are released by Oracle prior to November 2018 would not be able to use this feature. Windows based , Custom images and Partner images are not supported.

To verify if consistent device path support is available on your instance , login into your environment and do a "ll /dev/oracleoci/oraclevd*" , if you see a list of devices then it is supported else if you get a message "no such file or directory" then it is not supported.

Screenshot showing output for listing attached devices on instance using consistent device paths

Attaching a device path in the console is done simply by selecting a device path for the block volume.  Once attached you can verify the block volume from the summary page

Device Path : /dev/oracleoci/oraclevdb

After attaching the device then from the operating system you can create a partition using the device path.

fdisk  /dev/oracleoci/oraclevdb 
mkfs.ext3 /dev/oracleoci/oraclevdb1
update : /etc/fstab --- /dev/oracleoci/oraclevdb1   /oradata    ext3    defaults,_netdev,noatime  0  2
mkdir /oradata
mount /dev/oracleoci/oraclevdb1 /oradata

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